The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley is Where Telecom Meets Innovation. We connect the companies who are building communication networks, with the people and ideas that are creating it – by putting those companies, research, ideas, capital, and human expertise from across the globe together in the same room. Last year, the Telecom Council connected over 2,000 executives from 1,000 telecom companies and 25 fixed and wireless carriers across 35 meeting topics.

By joining, speaking, sponsoring, or simply participating in a meeting, there are many ways telecom companies of any size can use the Telecom Council network. We welcome you to take the first step in getting to know the Council by joining our mailing list – form below.

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Because multiple invitations to up to 3 meetings each month can add up to a lot of email, please only subscribe to the forums and lists below which are personally relevant to you. Should you subscribe below to a Forum which has membership requirements, your request will be forwarded for review before you are approved.
Newsletter subscribers receive a single monthly email with a complete list of our upcoming meetings, relevant industry events, and special announcements. If you only read one email from us each month, this is the one to read.

The Council conducts 1-3 meetings a month for telecom executives engaged with steering the future of communications. Topics bridge wireless, fixed, hardware, software, broadband, Internet, services, and cloud among many others. People on this list will receive all invitations for all meetings.

Subscribers of this list will receive only ONE invitation to every Council meeting.

Subscribers to this list (restricted to telcos with innovation scouting/investing activities) join the 60+ global telcos who engage at the Council via our telco-only monthly meeting, annual Summit to help highlight innovation initiatives, and other tailored opportunities.

Investors accepted to subscribe to this list receive invitations to our quarterly ½ day Investor Forum meetings - financial investors from carriers, corporate VCs, traditional VCs, M&A companies, and non-financial investors interested in technology acquisition collect to review startups.

Several times a year, the Telecom Council conducts discussions for senior-level decision makers (C-level for startups, and their counterparts for larger firms – usually VP), with topics directly affecting their business.

Young fixed and wireless telecom companies leverage special entrepreneur opportunities at the Council to help grow their businesses and products. Innovators on this list receive special calls for speakers, demo opportunities, and discounted package offers.

Occasionally our members and partners extend invitations, discounts, and incentives to the Telecom Council community and only subscribers to this list will receive those emails.

Marketing, PR, and speaker’s bureau representatives who want to be informed of speaker, demo, showcase and sponsoring opportunities on an irregular basis should subscribe to this list. Calls for Speakers also regularly go out on our twitter feed @telecomcouncil.

This list is for qualified members of the media who publish in publicly available media outlets and who wish to cover any Telecom Council meeting which is open to press or news about the state of telecom innovation.

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