IoT Forum: Logistics 4.0

IoT Forum: Logistics 4.0

  • Thursday, September 17, 2020
    8:15 AM  -  8:30 AM
    Virtual Meeting Room Open

    Members can log in to Telecom Council's Virtual Meeting Room any time after 8:15 to make sure their audio and video equipment is working correctly and chat with other members.

    8:30 AM  -  8:35 AM
    8:35 AM  -  8:50 AM
    Analyst / Keynote

    Our invited expert will set the stage for today's meeting including an update on where the technology is headed and some insight into the opportunities for innovation in this segment of telecom.

    • Brendan Burke - Senior Analyst, Emerging Technology Research at PitchBook Data

    8:55 AM  -  9:25 AM
    Fireside Chat: Smart Factories

    The 5G smart supply chain is a global, just-in-time logistics marvel of efficiency. And a factory just the end point. But a SMART FACTORY is, itself, a microcosm of the Connected Supply Chain. Like mathematical fractals, when you zoom in, it’s the same thing, just smaller. In this fireside chat, we’ll learn how IoT and 5G enables accelerated material handling, just-in-time delivery, and an efficient production chain inside the factory.

    Smart Factory Case Study:

    • David Hart of Ericsson Lewisville factory
    • Kushala Silva of Ericsson D-15 IoT Studio
    • Anthony Tod of OTTO Motors

    9:25 AM  -  10:30 AM
    Rapid-Fire Demo Presentations

    These pitches introduce new companies and new products to the communications innovation community including carriers, vendors, service providers, and investors who are seeking innovation. Special thanks to our member experts for leading the questioning of today's startups.

    Member Panel:

    • Vodafone's VP IoT Technology, Rene Schmitz
    • Atlas Technology Group's Managing Director, Adam Tilow

    Today's technologies pitches include:

    • Spatial Awareness
    • Xportation
    • LPWAN
    • Monitoring
    • Applied ML
    • Location
    • Cybersecurity
    • Enterprise IoT
    • Public Safety
    • Infrastructure Monitoring
    • Process Analytics
    11:15 AM  -  11:45 AM
    Live Networking

    In addition to connecting with our sponsor, Ericsson, join members and presenters in our Member Lounge to connect with today's presenters directly, followup with Q&A and demos at Virtual Meeting Tables, or connect privately and in-person with other members. The Member Lounge will stay open for 30 minutes.

    11:15 AM  -  11:45 AM
    Meet Ericsson in the Lounge

    Ericsson and their D-15 IoT Studio will be hosting a table in the Telecom Council Lounge immediately after the meeting. Bringing the Internet of Things to life at Ericsson combines the latest 5G connectivity, IoT hardware, software and analytics, lab space, plus business and technical experts to co-create compelling solutions that move the needle.