TC3: Telecom Council Carrier Connections 2018

TC3 2018 is Telecom Council's 11th Annual Telecom Council Carrier Connections Summit. Focused on high quality meetings and introductions for companies at the cutting edge of the communications industry, innovation executives participate in TC3 to promote partnership opportunities and discover innovation. Speaker, sponsor, and demo availability is limited to ensure quality over quantity.

The TC3 Summit includes many different opportunities to get involved. See below for more about …

The TC3 agenda is 100% focused on innovation, new technologies, and new products. Although our Call for Speakers is now closed, a few agenda spots may be available for sponsors in the following categories:

  • Network-ready startups in IoT, ComTech, Network Infra, or connected car 
  • Vendors with innovation partnership opportunities to promote
  • Carriers with technology partnerships to highlight
  • Corporate investors with startups to introduce
  • Network operator PoC case studies using young companies or new technologies
  • Fireside Chat with innovation executives 

Call +1-408-834-7933, or email for more information.

Position your company at the forefront of communications and a leader in the innovation discussion by sponsoring part of TC3 and directly reaching the operator, startup, vendor and investor executives focused on communications innovation.

TC3 is not a traditional trade show. It is focused on creating in-person connections that gives our sponsors unique access to the Telecom Council's community of top executives and the opportunity to influence wireless and telecom's most influential decision makers. Custom sponsorships can be created to include speaking, activities, branding, meetings, introductions, or other creative ideas.  For more information, visit our Sponsorship Prospectus here.

  • TC3 participants are responsible for building, discovering and delivering tomorrow's communication solutions
  • 80% of TC3 participants are director level or above
  • TC3 sponsors get repeat access to the 35k executive Telecom Council community
  • TC3 sponsorship results are unique and quantifiable, including in-person, on-site meetings

Let's brainstorm how to put TC3 to work for you. Call +1-408-834-7933 or email

TC3 offers many different ways to get new technology into the hands of telcos, vendors and VCs. Demo Tables and MatchMaker may be added during registration.

  • Demo Tables: Limited quantities will be available starting April 1st
  • MatchMaker: 1-on-1, pre-arranged meetings available to participating companies
  • Technology Pitch: Fast pitches open to network-ready startups
  • Startup Discount: Available to private, pre-revenue startups.

For any remaining Technology Pitched, or to inquire about the startup discount, call +1-408-7933 or email


  • A limited 30 demo tables will be available to startups
  • Demo tables located in the Summit main area
  • Demo companies are promoted online and onsite
  • Demo companies may schedule meetings at their demo table
  • Demo companies who also use the MatchMaker to arrange meetings should register 2 or more staff to manage both
  • Tables are 30" round standing tables with power, linen, signage and 1 stool each
  • Limited quantities available; purchase during online registration


11th Annual SPIFFY Awards will be presented the evening of Oct. 17 by Telecom Council's Service Provider Forum, IoT Forum, ComTech Forum, and Investor Forum.

  • Startups interested in winning a SPIFFY, should learn about the SPIFFY Awards.
  • Members interested in presenting a SPIFFY, should contact the Council.