IoT Forum on Computer Vision

IoT Forum on Computer Vision

  • Wednesday, June 26, 2019


    9:00 AM 
    Introductions & Demo Tables
    Demo Tables are available to today's startups, products, and interested members to introduce their technologies and answer questions. If there are extra tables, they are available in online registration.
    9:15 AM 
    Opening Remarks
    9:20 AM 
    9:40 AM 
    10:00 AM 
    Panel: Should We Take CV To The Edge?
    Our panel on Computer Vision (CV) will focus on the juncture of the latest tech in sensors, and the intelligence that adds CV onto that sensor data. How much of the CV is done in sensor, and how much centrally? How much is part of fleet learning, but used for generating heuristics as opposed to actually happening in each individual vehicle? We'll hear from the companies building the tech.
    10:40 AM 
    Demos & Networking
    Use this break to visit the Demo Tables and connect with IoT Forum Members and guests. Flip over your agenda to the attendee list and put some faces to those names. As always, Forum staff are happy to help you connect with the people you want to meet.
    11:00 AM 
    Rapid-Fire Demo Presentations
    Young companies interested in presenting their innovations, services and solutions are welcome to register to be a rapid-fire presenter. These demo slots are 5-minutes and used to introduce new companies and their products, in the hopes of creating interest and follow-up from the Silicon Valley communications community including carriers, vendors, service providers, and investors who follow innovation in this segment.

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    12:00 PM 
    Lunch & Networking on Show Floor